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While looking at the thousand different exhibits in the wild, we soon realized that many of them were lists of publications, bibliographies or other collections of citations. We also heard many comments about Exhibit being very easy to use and deploy for technically-savvy people, but that an entire class of data-lovers were a little put [...]

Exhibits in the Wild

While the exhibit project has graduated, we are still very proud of its success and we are pleased to see it getting so much adoption. But most importantly, we’re constantly amazed by its flexibility and adaptability to various situations and the creativity and ingenuity of web developers in general.
So here is a selection of the [...]

May 31st signals the end of the 2nd phase of the SIMILE Project.
Phase 1 started in 2003 with funding from HP, while phase 2 started in 2005 with funding from the Mellon Foundation.
While the SIMILE PIs regroup for the next round of funding for phase 3 and part of the development team takes this opportunity [...]

Our project offers quite a diverse toolkit of more than a dozen tools. And these tools are at different levels of maturity. Consequently, sometimes it can be hard for people other than our team to understand how all of these pieces fit together into a coherent, compelling story. Once in a while, we need to [...]

Exhibit on the OLPC XO

Yesterday I got my hand on an OLPC XO

and I tried to load Exhibit onto its browser. And it worked!

That’s the Presidents exhibit running with both map and timeline views! This would be pretty delightful if kids can generate these visualizations themselves about whatever topics that interest them, or whatever issues that are pressing in [...]

A digitized portion of MIT Libraries’ Rotch Visual Collections - a large architectural image collection - is browsable using a DWell configuration of Longwell at:
Longwell RVC Demo
Noteworthy are the use of RVC’s native VRA Core metadata, specially designed Fresnel lenses for modeling the VRA work/image hierarchy, and a new grid view in Longwell providing a [...]

Going to ApacheCON EU 2007

While David goes to WWW2007, Stefano goes to ApacheCON EU 2007 in Amsterdam. He’ll be giving two presentations:

A “no-nonsense” introduction to semantic web technologies where he’ll be demoing software from the SIMILE project
Community Building Practices

See you there!

Going to WWW 2007

WWW 2007 is in less than 2 weeks! If you’re going, let me know! I’m there from Tuesday night until Friday afternoon.
Come to my talk on Exhibit (Friday morning), or at least check out these exhibits made just for the conference:
Many thanks to Carey Williamson and Christopher Gutteridge for the XML data!

Exhibits in the wild

We released Exhibit two and a half months ago, and yesterday we checked to see what people have exhibit-ized. Here is an abbreviated list, in no particular order:

Sports cars with photos

Yummy recipes
The Revolutionary War
Radio albums
Army cavalry officers
Breweries and Distilleries in Ontario 1914 - 1915
Conference speakers
The International Phonetic Alphabet
Conference tutorials
1871 tavern keepers in Huron county

and then… [...]

While the SIMILE Project has had an RSS news feed for quite some time, it was.. ehm.. *blush*… hand written and checked into the web site using subversion commits. While in theory this meant that all our commiters could post, in practice only a few people did and it ended up being a feed of [...]

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