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All Infrastructure Back Online

One of our servers’ video card fried and took the machine down and we could not get it back up.  We were afraid it would take much longer, but it was all done very quickly by our awesome sysadmin Alex. Many thanks! He also took this as an opportunity to consolidate our infrastructure by moving [...]

Hardware Issues

Please bear with us while we repair part of our infrastructure. We don’t have a firm date on when the affected services will be available again, but we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your patience.

Exhibits in the wild

We released Exhibit two and a half months ago, and yesterday we checked to see what people have exhibit-ized. Here is an abbreviated list, in no particular order:

Sports cars with photos

Yummy recipes
The Revolutionary War
Radio albums
Army cavalry officers
Breweries and Distilleries in Ontario 1914 - 1915
Conference speakers
The International Phonetic Alphabet
Conference tutorials
1871 tavern keepers in Huron county

and then… [...]