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Timeplot 1.0 Released

The SIMILE development team is happy to announce the availability of Timeplot, a DHTML Ajaxy widget use to plot time series.
Timeplot extends our existing Timeline widget to provide the ability to overlay time series over existing Timeline event data. Follow the link to the Timeplot home page to see several examples of that.
Timeplot is based [...]

Potluck (beta)

On behalf of the SIMILE team, I’m announcing the availability of Potluck (beta) for trying out. Potluck allows casual users to mash-up data on the web using direct manipulation and simultaneous editing techniques:
Please try it out and send us your comments. Note that Firefox is the browser of choice and IE support is limited. This [...]

There are times where it’s a little frustrating to see all your tools used and very little to come back, but today is not one of those days.
Tom Woodward (a former english and history teacher) has produced an incredibly detailed audio/video tutorial to bring teachers up-to-speed in using Exhibit in their classrooms and we were [...]