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From: David R Karger <karger_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 19:14:21 -0400

maybe we should circulate a note around MIT suggesting that everyone
switch to bibtex :)

MacKenzie Smith wrote:
> You gotta love Thompson Reuters (and I do, for Calais, but this might
> make me change my mind)
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> Reuters is suing Zotero, the open source academic citation system, because it
> can convert Endnote citations into open source citation formats.
> the suit also targets the Commonwealth of Virginia ... Zotero
> is based at George Mason, a state institution.
> The complaint states, "Dr. Daniel J. Cohen, Associate
> Professor, Department of History and Art History, and the
> director of GMU's Center for History and New media, developed
> Zotero, which is a freely distributable, open-source software
> based research tool that allows users to gather, organize and
> analyze sources, including citations, and freely share the
> results with others."
> The Center for History and New Media release "a new beta
> version of Zotero to the general public" on July 8. Reuters adds,
> "A significant and highly touted feature of the new beta version
> of Zotero, however, is its ability to convert - in direct
> violation of the License Agreement - Thomson's 3,500 plus
> proprietary .ens style files within the EndNote Software into
> free, open source, easily distributable Zotero .csl files."
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