Re: Citeline

From: Sean Thomas <sthomas_at_MIT.EDU>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 15:34:40 -0500

Hi Francois,

I'm noting the same problem, which seems to be happening only on the 'Classic'
and 'Bookwork' styles. The others seem to be working fine for me. Are you
having the same experience?



Quoting MacKenzie Smith <kenzie_at_MIT.EDU>:
>> - the facets are not exported, is this a bug ?
> The facets you select in Citeline should be exported to your Exhibit,
> so if that's not happening then it is a bug. Could you provide us
> with more details about what is going wrong?
>> - is there some explanations on how to adapt the presentation to my
>> university, remove the mit logo, and so on ?

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