RE: Additional keywords?

From: Frank Fisher <>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 05:30:17 -0400

Hi MacKenzie, many thanks for that, but I don’t think this fits the bill. It is the facets that I need to customise, rather than the wider page template. I read through the info there but it doesn’t seem to offer anything new on facets.

It’s hard for me to judge what’s happening inside citeline, but if I look at the JSON coming back what’s clear is that some tags – eg authors, keywords – are treated differently; that data is returned to the page as a line-broken list, surrounded by straight brackets, rather than a single text string. The facets that work off *this* info deliver a list of keywords, numbered according to their total count, linking to all articles containing that keyword – no other tags seem to deliver this.

Do you have some documentation on the full range of tags, and how citeline, or babel, translate their content? I know in other publication types there are further tags, such at ‘cat’ that look as if they might deliver this keywords#2 possibility, but they don’t’ seem available when using the article type publication.

Hope you can help!

Frank Fisher

From: MacKenzie Smith [mailto:kenzie_at_MIT.EDU]
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To: Frank Fisher;
Subject: RE: Additional keywords?

Hi Frank,

What you want to do requires changing one of the Citeline display “templates” or creating a new one. If you want to do that, the technical (programmer) documentation for Citeline is at

Alternatively you could use the regular Exhibit tool which is the bit of Citeline that does the UI, and is more flexible with different kinds of data.

Either option requires some technical work on your part, but is do-able if you need it.


From: Frank Fisher []
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2011 3:47 AM
Subject: Additional keywords?

Hi, how can I add a facet similar to keywords, but searching on separate fields, like categories? I see your returned json treats keywords differently to other fields, and this is what is picke dup by the facets – is there another tag I can use to get a similar output I can then grab?


"keywords" : [

“otherkeywords” " : [


Frank Fisher
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