Display/Stylesheet Vocabulary for RDF Browsers

From: Chris Bizer <chris_at_bizer.de>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 11:21:16 +0200

Hi Demian,

Ryan Lee, Stefano Mazzocchi and I are currently discussion about a RDF
display/stylesheet vocabulary for RDF generic browsers. The basic idea is to
express display guidelines on class and/or instance level, which can be used
by different browsers/applications to render different output formats, e.g.
XHTML, PDF or SVG. The work is influenced by Haystacks display ontotlogy,
but we try to produce something simpler.

There are two drafts for display vocabularies, one by Ryan, one by me (both
attached to this mail) and we are currently in the stage of agreeing on
common requirements and use cases, in order to join both vocabularies. The
final vocabulary will be implemented as an extension to LongWell and maybe
also as an extension to IsaViz (Ryan??)

The current status of the discussion is found at:


It would be really interesting for us, if you would have a look at the stuff
and give us based on your experience with BrownSauce some feedback, ideas
additional requirements ....

BTW: Are you at the FOAF Camp? What's going on there?

Chris Bizer

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