Re: RDF Display Vocabulary

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 13:20:39 +0200

Ryan Lee wrote:

> Hi Emmanuel,
> We're having a discussion on SIMILE's list about drafting a general RDF
> display vocabulary, similar in nature to IsaViz's GSS feature. Chris
> Bizer and I both independently came up with vocabularies, and now we're
> discussing our requirements and use cases so we can blend them together.
> We'd like to implement the final draft in SIMILE's Longwell browser
> (, and perhaps as an extension
> to IsaViz.
> Of course, with your experience with GSS, we'd appreciate any feedback
> or ideas you have! The discussion is taking place on
> Copies of our draft vocabularies and their application are in this message:
> Thanks! I hope things are well with you,

Hello Ryan,

That sounds interesting. I will try to catch up on this discussion ASAP
as I am very interested in this. I have got a full time research
position at INRIA in an HCI team (starting October 1st) and the research
program I have presented (and which has been accepted) will be focused
on advanced interaction techniques for the Semantic Web.

One research axis will be the visual transformation of graphs (in order
to make it easier for users to understand the data and interact with
it). So this is close to what I experimented with GSS, but I will
probably be starting from scratch, with a broader focus (the idea is to
have a general framework for visual/structural graph transformations,
with a specialization for the SemWeb).

This also means that I'll be able to resume work on IsaViz to some
extent. So, if possible, I am willing to contribute to this effort, both
from a theoretical and practical point of view (e.g. by writing some
code for IsaViz). Just give me a few days to catch up on what you and
Chris Bizer have done.


Emmanuel Pietriga
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