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From: Butler, Mark H (Labs Bristol) <"Butler,>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 17:38:36 +0100

Hi Stefano,

I've been looking at the new SIMILE website layout. There is another
report you can add to the list of reports,

Review of existing tools for working with schemas, metadata, and
Gilbert, John; Butler, Mark H.
Keyword(s): SIMILE; RDF; semantic web; schemas; ontologies; thesauri
Abstract: SIMILE, a joint project between HP, MIT Libraries and the W3C,
is investigating applying Semantic Web tools, such as RDF (Resource
Definition Framework) and associated schema languages, to the problem of
dealing with heterogeneous metadata. Currently creating schemas involves
writing them by hand using a text editor. As one of the aims of SIMILE
is to simplify the deployment of heterogeneous data, it is desirable to
investigate the applicability of schema authoring tools that reduce the
need for expert knowledge and the risk of schema errors. This report
reviews existing applications that support the creation of metadata
schemas and graphical user interfaces for entering instance data based
on those definitions. It also compares and contrasts these applications
with existing applications used for the creation of thesauri, which have
many similarities with schemas and ontologies.

You might also want to list the reports in reverse chronological order
if you are concerned about people looking at out of date material first.

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