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Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 19:50:27 -0000

Hi Nick

Sorry I stand corrected on the use of the term reification.
Unfortunately though reificiation is becoming synonymous with statement
reification e.g
"reification is the action of using a statement as the subject for
another statement."

Sorry Stefano :)


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Subject: Bibtex Ontology

I'm working on yanking my bibtex parser out of Haystack for inclusion
into the Simile RDFizers. I've found three different Bibtex ontologies
on the web with namespaces:


Of these, the first appears to be the defacto "standard", due mainly to
the existance of a perl-based bibtex-to-rdf translator, which can be
found at .

This tool makes a couple of design decisions: it reifies persons and
institutes (losing author order); assigns author/institution URIs
relative to the file URI; and finally it strips bibtex character
formatting (\lambda becomes lambda).

As it stands, my tool is fairly similar in its approach, except it uses
a Haystack ontology (I'm going to change this, but it won't be too hard
to change it again). However, I think it would be better to approach
rdfizing bibtex in two stages: first create RDF in an ontology that is
as close to bibtex as possible and then second reify authors,
institutions, conferences, journals, months, years, etc. It would be
kind of cool to have an ontology that could encompass the idea of a
"conference series"
and a "conference" as seperate entities.

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