Finding a phone no, but whose phone?

From: Jan Egil Kristiansen <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 15:10:04 +0000

In the my RDF linked from, Piggy Bank finds that +298 318305 is a work number. But it doesn't figure out whose work number it is. It doesn't seem to notice that it is a phone ( number at all, only that it is a work number.

As an end user, I'd need to know who will answer when I call this number:

(And even that is not much use, unless I get the dc:title "Landsbanki Føroya", but if my Piggy Bank gets loaded with everything I might need, that may be too much?)

I wonder why Piggy Bank did not find more information in Is there anything I should have coded differently in the RDF?
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