Re: Eliminate Piggy-bank web server + bank protocol scheme

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:55:28 -0500

Danny Ayers wrote:

>On Tue, 01 Feb 2005 21:43:13 -0500, David Huynh <> wrote:
>>I know how to eliminate the web server of piggy-bank :-) Just write a
>>protocol handler,
>Hi David,
>My kneejerk reaction to the suggestion of a new URI scheme is
>'urrgghh' after recently seeing the feed: approach to RSS feed
>subscription [1] - it works, but definitely falls into the category of
>ugly hack. But the problem there is that it isn't really a protocol
>like http, ftp etc, more like a behavioural thing like mailto:.
Hi Danny,

You're right--I wasn't thinking. It surely is a hack for the problem of
eliminating the embedded web server. The ideal solution is that Firefox
allows dynamic content to be served through chrome:// URLs. But I don't
think that's supported at the moment.

A better hack (a feature?) would be to add a generic protocol handler
allows Firefox extensions to serve dynamic content: dchrome://. Like
chrome:// URLs, dchrome:// URLs work only withint Firefox and is
automatically routed to the right extensions. Each extension wanting to
serve dynamic content registers something with the protocol handler. So,
for our purpose, instead of
we'll have

Hmm... that does look more like a feature than a hack to me...

>So what I'd like to ask is what is the purpose of the protocol you
>want the scheme for, and what are the endpoints which will use it?
>(Bear in mind I haven't looked inside Piggybank yet ;-).
Although dchrome:// will probably solve our problem, I think there's
value to ask whether we need a new protocol and what it should be. I
think there are already ways for accessing triplestores. So perhaps this
protocol should focus on a higher level of abstraction, such as trust,
storage policies, sharing policies, etc.

>While I'm posting I might as well ask another question - is there an
>easier way of getting at the source of Piggybank than the web
>interface? (Sorry, another quick question that the source would answer
>- is the HSQL DB store now part of Jena, or something you've built
>custom for Piggybank?)
I've updated the developer's guide page. As for your HSQL DB question, I
got the driver from
and adapted it for the latest Jena download.


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