Re: unsubscribe me from this list please

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 11:38:41 -0500

Hilton Meyer wrote:
> [cut]

I am sending this to the entire SIMILE list in hopes of clearing up any
subscription issues:

- Please refrain from sending your personal list requests to the entire
list. That doesn't accomplish what you're looking for. Instead...

- Every single mail from the SIMILE list has a List-Unsubscribe: header
in it to tell you which address you can write to to unsubscribe. I will
look into making this more obvious for clients that don't pick up on the
List-X headers.

- There were two lists in the Longwell 1.1 announcement, and it isn't
clear which one you want to unsubscribe from. I will assume you were
referring to the SIMILE list.

If you've sent any subscription issues to the entire list, please send
mail instead to

Thank you.

Ryan Lee       
W3C Research Engineer    +1.617.253.5327
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