Re: toString and fresnel

From: Eric Miller <>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:50:53 -0500

On Mar 22, 2005, at 9:30 AM, David R. Karger wrote:

> please be more precise about in-your-face urls? is an in-your-face url.

> i am sure fresnel shows rdfs:label if it exists; question is what
> to do if there is none.


Implementing variants of this problem in the past (and generalizing
from various other implementations), the general approach seems to be
hard-wired in code to look for (rdf:value, rdfs:label, dc:title) and
then punt to an in-your-face url of the 'thing'. I'm hoping we can do
better than that. :)

Haystack seems to have gotten this pretty close. How is this being done?

As Emmanuel mentioned -

"... fresnel:label (or at least there is label in it, Chris or Ryan
will know better) and takes a URI reference (indicating a property) as
the property value to be considered as the label."

seems to be a start towards this.

There are various issues to watch out for with objects that are
multiple types (which in turn might have multiple fresnel:label (s) but
thats a different thread.

I just wanted to make sure this feature was in there somewhere. :)

> Perhaps rather then showing url, fresnel
> should print "unnamed <rdfs:Class of resource>"

Yes. In the case of not knowing the 'label', applications should
defaulting to some sort of additional helpful display. While this
default will be application specific in the case of Longwell /
PiggyBank / SemBank a linked version of the above is preferable to

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> 	In your face URLs are a "bad thing".
> 	One of the uses I see of fresnel is being able to declaratively
> 	indicate human readable "default" labels for arbitrary resources.  I
> 	suspect this is part of fresnel but I haven't seen this discussed yet.
> 	Can one of the fresnel folk confirm how this is currently handled?
> 	I just want to make sure we don't miss the simple use cases while
> 	dealing with the harder ones.
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