Re: Using Welkin for Power System Data

From: Alan McMorran <>
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 11:15:26 +0100

> Alan, thanks much for your feedback! It's a pleasure to know that Welkin
> is useful for somebody rather than ourselves ;-)

Not a problem, I know it can be nice when someone external tells you they
find your work worthwhile.

> Do you have an RDF dataset that we could use? We are very avid data
> vampires :-)

You asked for it :-)

If you go to:

there are 4 files, representing two power system networks (I would've
attached them, but one file was 2.3Mb, and I don't want to start clogging up
mail servers)

The first is from Siemens and represents a 100 bus power network, available
for download from the CIM XML user group at
so I don't think I'm violating any NDAs or anything by attaching it, since
it seems to be publicly available (and there are various other CIM XML files
on that site of varying size). Apologies for the large file size in an

The second is my own internal test network that's probably horribly
unrealistic in the real world (electrically), but is sufficient for my test

There are two files for each network, one the original CIM XML model file,
which you can import into Welkin, but it's quite hard to visualise anything
useful from it given the number of nodes, the second file (with the bb.xml
suffix) for each network has been run through my own conversion program
which simplified the networks down into consisting of buses and rdf
associations between each bus to represent the branches..

If you load them into Welkin it'll show the 3 namespaces, for the cim,
strath and rdf prefixes. I turn off the RDF one since all the nodes are of
the same type, and the strath one exists so that when clicking on a node I
could see what pieces of equipment were attached to it (Transformer Winding,
Energy Consumer, AC Line Segment etc.).

Auto arranging it starts to give you a general idea about how this is useful
for me to be able to visualise the interconnections between the network, and
for my own internal data, to check that various buses were connecting to
each other correctly.

Hope you can understand now why I'm interested in modifying the code to
allow the integration of power network symbols, and I also wonder if it'd be
possible to save the coordinates of each node back into an XML file so that
the next time it's instantiated it retains the previous layout. Just an idea
at the moment.

Hope this was of some interest, if there's any problems grabbing those
files, just let me know.

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