From: Eric Hanson <elh_at_cs.pdx.edu>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 04:28:56 +0000

Hi all,

Just found the Simile project, and want to first say that I am
happy to have found this project, I think you guys are working
on some very interesting issues, and they resonate with me
pretty generally. I think visualization and user interface is
one of the biggest hurdles between us and the SW, and I think
you've got some great ideas going here.

I've got some thoughts that might be construed as disagreement,
but like someone else recently said, for each diagreement there
are at probably 10 points of resonance and, honestly, jealousy
that you guys are working on something so cool. And I'm just
happy to have found some folks to disagree with. :-)

Ok, so I think Lenses are exactly the right place to start
associating user interface components.

Here's my question. How is a Lense different from a named query
or what we call a "view" in the relational world? It seems like
they are the same notion. Lenses have uses that extends beyond
user interface. For example, security. You could use a lense
for a public view of a repository that would exclude triples not
meant for public consumption, stuff like the user base or
administrative metadata.

So I guess I'm arguing that lenses are valuable and you're using
them totally right, but you might save some work and make them
more generally useful by just defining them as RDF
serializations of queries, be it SPARQL or other languages.

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