Re: Fresnel: Styles: summary and unsolved issues

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 11:09:18 -0400

Chris Bizer wrote:
> Stefano,
> if we would drop fresnel:Styles what would we do with fresnel:label,
> fresnel:value and fresnel:contentAfter?
> Would we:
> 1. Move this functionality into the lens.
> 2. Keep it in something seperate, maybe not called style, but which also has
> a domain property.
> 3. Also drop this functionality?

1+2 - If we were to do drop fresnel:Styles, I propose we hang these
other properties off of :PropertyDescription.

(derived from

:myDepicts a fresnel:PropertyDescription ;
   fresnel:property foaf:depiction ;
   fresnel:label "can be seen in" ;
   fresnel:value fresnel:image .

:FOAFPersonDefaultLens a fresnel:Lens ;
   fresnel:purpose fresnel:defaultLens ;
   fresnel:lensDomain foaf:Person ;
   fresnel:showProperties (foaf:name foaf:mbox :myDepicts) .

:personsKnowsLens a fresnel:Lens ;
   fresnel:lensDomain foaf:Person ;
   fresnel:showProperties ( foaf:name
                           [ a fresnel:PropertyDescription ;
                             fresnel:property foaf:knows ;
                             fresnel:label fresnel:none ;
                             fresnel:sublens :FOAFPersonDefaultLens ] ).

The major drawback compared to the former solution is in trying to apply
the same property manipulations more broadly since only one
fresnel:property, naming one rdf:Property, can currently be used in a
fresnel:PropertyDescription (as opposed to the full range of selectors
in :styleDomain). Considering fresnel:label, though, I don't think
these manipulations are really that broadly applicable in the first place.


What precisely are we retaining?

:label (and :LabellingStyles - maybe rename to :LabellingTypes)
:value (and :PropertyValueStyles - maybe rename to :PropertyValueTypes)

The remaining :content{First,Last,Before,After} properties seem like
they could be left to styling instead.

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