Re: AW: AW: intermediate representation

From: Emmanuel Pietriga <>
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 14:35:56 +0200

Chris Bizer wrote:
> I wouldn't discuss workflows any further because for a declarative language
> like Fresnel they are implementation details.

We still have to agree on where styles fit. It is not yet clear to me
that we have reached consensus on this.

> Maybe we should concentrate on:
> - thinking in deep about if we want to separate the non-representational and
> representional parts of the style vocabulary and where we want to move both.

I'm in favour of separating them, because some people will only be
interested in one of the parts and it is better to have officially
defined "modules".

> I'm OK with the current design, but I'm also open for better solutions.
> - adding the "external link" feature (I also think it is useful).

This seems to be just a question of adding a new Fresnel vocab item (+
associated values).

> - getting the Fresnel website published.

Yes. But first we have to agree on pending issues.
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