Rendering maps [Re: Piggy-Bank 2.0 beta release]

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 01:58:39 -0400

A few hours ago the Google Maps service was updated. As a consequence,
our Google Maps embedding code got broken (like some other Google Maps
embedding sites).

However, a fix has been made and it is in the queue.

We'll update soon so that you can view the
map example there, and we will re-package the Piggy Bank XPI for
download again. Stay tuned.


Eric Miller wrote:

> The SIMILE project is happy to announce the Piggy-Bank 2.0 beta
> release. Piggy Bank is an extension to the Firefox web browser that
> turns it into a “Semantic Web browser”, letting you make use of
> information on the Web in more useful and flexible ways.
> Additional details regarding Piggy Bank including installation guides,
> usage scenarios, technical documentation and ways in which you can
> help contribute to this work are all available on the Piggy Bank Home
> Page:
> -
> --
> eric miller
> semantic web activity lead
> w3c world wide web consortium
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