Re: Configuration Issue

From: Ryan Lee <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 18:06:54 -0400

John Bresnik wrote:
>> The unfortunate advice I usually give at this point is to add your data
>> and merge your configuration into a bundle that already works, then go
>> from there. You could try to build the 'people' target, then place your
>> data in the data directory. Add your displayClasses to the bundle's
>> configuration and see if any of your data comes up.
> I'll try that - thanks.
>> The problem sometimes is that Longwell won't display any facets for
>> searching if the number of results that will be returned is equal to the
>> size of all results; for instance, if you had a database of 20
>> foaf:Persons and the only facet used was rdf:type, Longwell wouldn't
>> show anything for narrowing because all 20 are rdf:type foaf:Person.
> But it would still display the 20 foafPersons though right? I'm seeing
> literaly nothing, no facets, no classes, nothing.. just a blank page
> with a logo and an empty restrictions window.

No, it would display nothing - precisely what you're seeing now. The
first page would be no results and browsable facets on the right if it
were working.

> Thanks again,
> brez

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