Re: examples of linking bibliographic RDF to articles

From: Frank Manola <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 10:18:11 -0400

I'm forwarding a message I sent to Eric Miller a while ago about an
outfit that does assign URIs to authors. This can work in some cases,
at least for a specific publisher (and where authors have an incentive
to keep their URIs straight).


attached mail follows:


FYI. I just got through coauthoring a paper with some folks at the MIT
Sloan School (for a AAAI workshop), and apparently the Sloan School
submits all its working papers to an outfit called the Social Science
Research Network (their response for this paper is copied below). I
don't know if you're familiar with them (you being a library guy, you
may well be), but I thought it was interesting, since both the papers
and the authors get URLs, and this idea could well be developed further,
SemanticWebically. For example, the author pages already have RSS
feeds, and something like Piggy-Bank would be a nice extension.



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