Re: a faster piggy-bank on my mac

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 10:09:42 -0400

Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> Eric Miller wrote:
>> I don't have a clear understanding of how this happened as I played
>> with too many variables at once to know which is the culprit. But
>> with an upgrade of my Mac to Tiger, installing the 0.92 java
>> embedding plugin [1] and upgrading to the new Firefox 1.0.6 release
>> [2] I'm seeing a noticeable performance gain in the piggy-bank plugin.
>> While I haven't don't have any specific bench-marks to compare this
>> to, I'm looking at what I believe to be at least a 3x performance
>> increase. Also, I'm not seeing the painful one-time initialization
>> delay that we've seen the past when loading a new piggy-bank plugin.
>> It may be the memory fix mentioned for Firefox 1.1 [3] made it into
>> the 1.0.6 release as well. Anyone else running the new Firefox 1.0.6
>> seeing an increase in performance?
> Upgrading to Tiger means that you now use Apple's JVM 1.4.2_08 (instead
> of 1.4.2_06). I haven't heard of performance improvements between those
> two versions, but this might also have contributed to the speed-up.

I have not noticed any speedup.... and I also used the new JVM 1.5, slow
IO seems to be the biggest issue, but I'm not sure the fact that we
embed in the browser is causing some issues too.

Let me tell you, Piggy Bank is a bitch to profile.

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