geo ontology

From: Bruce D'Arcus <>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 18:04:50 -0400

Been playing with the new frbr ontology and representing
subjects/topics. To wit, I went looking for an ontology I could use to
represent place (I'm a geographer, so no surprise!), and found one from

I have a few minor comments/questions:

> geo:province
> a rdf:Property ;
> rdfs:label "province/state"_at_en ;
> rdfs:comment "the state/province that includes the place"_at_en ;

I know "state" is fairly U.S. centric, but isn't province also rather

I don't have a better suggestion though.

> geo:site
> a rdf:Property ;
> rdfs:label "site/city"_at_en ;
> rdfs:comment "the site/city that includes the place"_at_en ;

A site can be a point on the ground. Why not "city" (also?)?

A broader question that may reflect my ignorance of RDF: why are these
properties and not classes (e.g. subclasses of Place)?

Finally, any examples of using this with SKOS?

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