[report] weekly status

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <stefanom_at_mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 13:56:15 -0400

What I did last week:

  1) continue work on piggy-bank

    a) moved the logging/tracing facility in its own XPCOM component,
this guarantees a unique per-browser logging facility (and more reuse in
future projects as it's a general component that has no piggybank

    b) rewrote the initialization code, now piggybank initializes
*after* everything else is ready to go, and on a separate thread. This
allows both piggybank to fail without interrupting the normal browser
startup and allows us to display way more informative xul pages to the
new users to ask them for data and stuff we need

    c) there is a 'pig is loading' animated icon that runs when firefox
is fully loaded (you can use it) but piggybank is still loading in the

    d) there is an animated 'data coins dropping' icon that indicatest
that scraping and data collection is going on

  2) laptop left hinge of my powerbook titatium broke, I'm left with a
very fragile laptop and a quest to look for new hinges without spending
the exhorbitant amount of money apple asks for it. My productivity has
been reduced by this since I do a lot of work from my bed and I can't

What I will do next week:

   1) finish cleaning up the piggy bank initialization and usability
phases (including nice and descriptive intro option pages)

   2) still lots of little details to fix on the browser side (tag-bar,
port option, welcome dialog, 'ops browser made a boo boo' page, etc..)

   3) start attacking the java side and maybe port on sesame 1.2 (need
to synch with ryan for that).

   4) buy a hinge on ebay and attempt to fix the hinge myself (in case
shit goes wrong, it will be a good time to upgrade a 3-years old laptop
;-) both minimize downtime (yes, I have no other computer in this country).

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