Re: GRDDLing microformats with Greasemonkey

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 16:48:01 -0400


sorry if it took me a while to respond, but laptop hardware problems
slowed me down.

Alf Eaton wrote:

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> I'm worried that web pages would be able to silently post data to Piggy
> Bank if the POST mechanism was allowed to happen in the background. If
> POSTing loaded a page from within Piggy Bank with a confirmation button
> (as the data import works now) that could work.

What I proposed above is even more than this: a post will have to be
authenticated to go thru, this means that a browser will pop you for a
login dialog (the one that normally you see on web sites) or it will
return you a 'access denied' page.

> I can't think of a way round the port problem though - it might have to
> be either a protocol handler (as edonkey uses with ed2k:// )

Yes, I thought about the protocol handler syntax sugar myself... but I
don't know if interferes with Google Maps ability to authenticate your
application based on your key (it shouldn't, but you never know, we need
to try that out).

> or MIME
> handler (which I still think might be easiest).

Mime handler react on the content, after a connection has been
established. Not knowing the port number would not allow you to
establish a connection... or maybe I'm missing your point entirely.

> Actually, setting
> Firefox as the handler for application/rdf+xml seems to make it open
> RDF files and then they can be imported by Piggy Bank, which solves my
> problem, or at least it would if Piggy Bank recognised data:// URIs as
> well as http:// and file://.

See for more info on
the problem.

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