Re: [update] piggybank performance profiling

From: Vineet Sinha <>
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 20:00:33 -0400

> So, I kept instrumenting and found out that we spend pretty much half of
> our time (if not more) by performing queries such as
> ?x predicate object
> each of those queries take between 1300 and 1600 on my machine and with
> the (small) number of statements I have in my triple store, compared to
> basically 0ms time of queries such as
> subject predicate ?x
> which seems to indicate that Sesame does a good job at indexing by
> subject but a terrible job at indexing by object.

I did a performance tuneup of Relo in the last week and 'fixed' the
above as well. Some more minor details (in hindsight they are obvious)
that might be helpful - the overhead when using the native store was
rougly 200x higher for both getStatements and hasStatements when the
subject is not provided.

I was able to get my performance up by:
]] modifying my schema so that the user facing actions motly result in
queries that have subject provided (mostly by adding a reverseCached
]] limiting the number of and moving most of the reverse queries to
return results to the interface asynchronously

What did not work, was loading part of data to an in-memory store. I am
guessing this is because the in-memory store is also indexed by subject
- though I did not spend as much time on this approach since in my case
the above two cases showed very good results without more tweaking needed.

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