From: Oliver Cole <>
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 00:33:51 +0100


So I'm not particularly au fait with the Semantic Web etc, and I'm only
a casual Piggy Bank user, but something occurred to me today:

Could one not describe web services (ala WSDL, but could equally be for
standard GET/POST,REST style APIs or XML-RPC) in RDF/N3?

Then you describe something like a bank (one with money in it that is,
not a semantic one), and point to its online banking, and then provide a
list of 'methods' which you can use to manipulate it.

I guess my idea is to move Semantic Web into *doing* stuff ("Move 200
quid from my savings account to my current account") as opposed to just
tracking/inferring stuff. If this isn't the idea, and I have it
completely wrong, just let me know and I'll disappear back to my corner.

Otherwise, what do you lot think?

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