Re: Digital archive management system - DSpace question

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:43:39 -0400

Andrew Green wrote:

> On this topic: What is the status of SIMILE's plans for integration with
> DSpace?

We have a few ideas, but so far nothing has been implemented.

> What has been done so far?

A lot of meetings :-)

> Does Longwell use some of the DSpace
> codebase, or has DSpace integration not yet begun?

The SIMILE project does *NOT* use any of DSpace code and DSpace doesn't
use any of SIMILE's code. Yet. If we get the funding we have requested,
the DSpace integration will be a very high priority and we might try to
do things like incorporating a longwell instance in DSpace so that you
can do faceted browsing of the content in your DSpace, but also the end
goal is to allow DSpace users to define and use their own metadata
structure and let DSpace handle that.

We also have in the pipe tools for metadata analysts to help them create
the RDF schemas/ontologies out of existing data (XML and not), help them
RDFize their content, help them cleanup their metadata (finding
duplicates and so on) and help them map their own ontologies to existing
ones on the net.

Also note: the DSpace community is a different open source project. We
have no direct control (even if, yes, we have some influence) over what
goes inside the platform *and* DSpace is in a critical architectural
situation when they are transitioning to a new architecture and no code
for that is ready (which means we don't know which branch to start
coding for)

The situation is not only technologically but socially complex, but our
funding will clearly force us to push into a stronger integration of the
two projects.

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