Weekly report

From: Ryan Lee <ryanlee_at_w3.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 13:19:38 -0400

Done last week:

  - Corrected Piggy Bank's tag bar misbehavior as an entry point to
working with Stefano's instrumented Piggy Bank. Tagging through the tag
bar replaces existing tags instead of adding to them. Also blocked
empty tag creation. (PIGGYBANK-43)

  - Fixed integer bucketing so 'exactly N' does not return facets
matches of both N and N+1 (LONGWELL-36)

Doing this week:

  - Address PIGGYBANK-9: send correct Accept-Headers in case desired RDF
is content-negotiated; change PB user agent?

  - Address LONGWELL-35: make sure URL's are properly ampersand-escaped
and perhaps do a little reworking of URL's in general, shifting the
encoding to the client side and compressing them; looks related to

  - Fresnel feature implementation

  - Close out JIRA RDFizing (try to generate URIs instead of strings)

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