Weekly report

From: Ryan Lee <ryanlee_at_w3.org>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:42:18 -0400

Done last week:

  - PIGGYBANK-9: Make PB send Accept: headers when fetching data so
content negotiation can take place

  - LONGWELL-35: Ampersand escaping and malfunctioning AJAX refresh
functions fixed

  - LONGWELL-38: Fixed slide() function

  - PIGGYBANK-49: Posted missing schema to simile.mit.edu

  - PIGGYBANK-24: Refresh after "save all"

  - PIGGYBANK-46: Fetching resources only once instead of duplicating
for different parts of response

For this week:

  - LONGWELL-37: (maybe) look into what the choices for parameter
separation do to operations in Longwell, such as comma separators
interfering with commas in string searches

  - Language faceting in Longwell

  - JIRA RDF export URIs instead of strings

  - (maybe) Expanding Fresnel features

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