Piggy Bank news filter difficult to remove

From: Joel Shprentz <jshprentz_at_his.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 09:09:33 -0400

Today's Piggy Bank fixed the export and filter criteria
problems discussed yesterday. Fantastic!

Now I find that some filter criteria's "remove" links actually add a
criterion instead.

1. Start at My Piggy Bank

2. Under Starting Points, click "News" to select news articles and
channels (I have both)

3. Observe the filter criterion: type:
 * Channel (remove) Item (remove) [add more]

4. Click the "remove" after "Channel" to display only items.

5. A new criterion is added and the old one remains (albeit without
"add more"). The resulting filter criteria are:
 * type: Channel (remove) Item (remove)
 * type: Item (remove) [add more]

6. Now try to remove Item from the original criterion. Click the
"remove" after "Item" on the criterion from step 3.

7. Another new criterion is added and the first two remain. The
resulting reordered filter criteria are:
 * type: Item (remove) [add more]
 * type: Channel (remove) [add more]
 * type: Channel (remove) Item (remove)

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