Re: Piggy Bank, timeline visualization, and scrapers

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 10:28:07 -0400

Google Maps required application keys after we first released Semantic
Bank and we haven't had a chance to update our docs since. But you can
sign up for a Google Maps key at
I think using the URL of your Semantic Bank deployment should be OK.
(For ours, we used And then, in, find this segment at the end:


    # If you want to enable Google Maps just add and uncomment a Google API
    # key to

And put the key there.


Rickard Öberg wrote:

>> You need to register for a key with Google Maps and then enter that
>> key into the file.
> Ok, but where and how? There's no example entry or something like that
> so I have no idea what the property should be called, etc.
> It'd probably be a good idea to include this and some note about it in
> the install docs.
> /Rickard
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