Re: RE#2: SEMANTIC-BANK Q&A: Neither sh- or bat-scripts will finalize cleanly

From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 19:45:55 -0400

Ryan Lee wrote:
> Hi Patrik,
> Patrik Holmer wrote:
>> Ryan, again, thank's for a quick response.
>> It's obvious I'm missing the apparent, but this is what it looks like
>> at my
>> end of the stick:
>> Initially following the instructions available at
>> or more specifically the
>> last paragraph:
>> ---
>> To include 'starting points' and descriptive labels in your bank, or any
>> other RDF on your filesystem, run your installation with the directory as
>> another argument after the properties file (make sure to do this in the
>> correct order, the ontologies must be loaded first):
>> ./ run src/rdf/ontologies
>> # stop after it starts properly
> Perhaps we should be more detailed and mention that 'properly' means the
> Semantic Bank should be visible when browsed to, and that 'stopping' is
> something along the lines of ctrl-C.
>> ./ run src/rdf/configurations
>> src/rdf/facades
>> ---
>> With no errors echoed, I expected to see a default Semantic Bank, as
>> depicted on the page
>> What I
>> got, running the ending session with the parameters
>> "src/rdf/configurations
>> src/rdf/facades", was a basic Semantic Bank. No starting point and no
>> descriptive labels, with the warning "None of the predefined starting
>> points
>> contains data".
> Have you added anything to your bank? The SB screenshot on the home
> page is of one that's been used heavily. A new, empty bank has no tags,
> no starting points (because there's no data), and not particularly
> interesting typed data (classes, properties, etc.). What do you mean by
> 'no descriptive labels?' To me, that sounds like the ontologies haven't
> been loaded, but I'm not sure what indicates to you that no descriptive
> labels exist.
> Is your instance of SB running in a public location? Can we see it?
>> Now, with no further references provided - that I know of - on this
>> site and
>> with no further process feedback, than an execution echo or a flurry of
>> event responses when pressing CTRL+C or Break in DOS or signalling
>> STOP-TERMINATE-KILL in Linux to stop the first session, I'm past
>> rasing only
>> one swedish eyebrow and have resorted to trying every trick in the book -
>> i.e. "...just close the console".
>> I assume I'll have to drop this subject, load the project into Eclipse
>> and
>> reach my own findings - when time given.
> I feel like you're trying to chase down a problem that doesn't exist.
> Forgive me if I've seriously misunderstood, but nothing you've mentioned
> seems out of the ordinary to me.

Let me try a different spin.

Try this instead:

   1) download the latest version of semantic bank
   2) "cd" into it
   3) type "./ run src/rdf"
[don't type anything else afterwards and let the console running]
   4) point your browser to ""

let us know what you see.

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