An empty bank?

From: Preist, Chris <>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 10:05:14 -0000

Dear Piggy Bank team,

I've just (tried to?) register for an ISWC bank account (ChrisPreist,
and also possibly chris.preist). In both cases they appeared to hang (in
the 'add account' screen), so I cancelled after about 5 mins. I tried
again with ChrisPreist, and was told that the account already exists. So
I tried again, checking the 'I've already registered this account
before', and it appeared to work (ie its come up in my list of

However, when I look at the bank page, I get a list of links to tags and
starting points - however, if I click on a tag or starting point, there
is no data. Also, I can't see the google map. Any ideas?


Chris Preist
Received on Thu Nov 10 2005 - 09:59:17 EST

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