Linotype & rdf/a: textual properties introduction

From: Paolo Ciccarese <>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 02:43:14 +0100

The first step for semantic annotation of content in Linotype (if you
want to know
more about Linotype see the note below) has been the introduction of
"qualifying links":
      rel="cc-license">Creative Common License</a>

    That leads to the following triplet:
    <> <cc-license> <>

Through a prompt,it is possible to define the "qualifying links" and of
course the
"simple links".

Current prompt accepts:
- predicate (link type --> rel)
- object (link --> href)

But rdf/a allows also to define "textual properties":

    <span property="foaf:name">Joe Lambda</span>

    This leads to the following triplet:
    <> <foaf:name> <"Joe Lambda">

and qualifying Links plus property
      property="foaf:work">ACME Inc.</a>.

    that leads to:
    <> <foaf:workplaceHomepage> <>
    <> <> <"ACME Inc.">

For adding these features it is necessary to make the prompt more complex.
In fact it should accept:
- predicate (link type --> rel)
- object (link --> href)
- property (property of the enclosed literal --> property)

I am a little bit scared about increasing complexity for "not-rdf people".
Maybe the usage of the label "link" and "link type" should be better than
"predicate" and "object". What do you think?

And what about property? Any ideas?


 What is Linotype?

Linotype software was written by Stefano Mazzocchi for his own blog [1].
It is implemented as a Cocoon application and the original version is
available at [2].

Working on the same software Stefano and I started to introduce semantic
annotation of the content through rdf/a [3].

At the location [4] it is available a branch in which an initial
of rdf/a is under developement.


Paolo Ciccarese 
Received on Sat Nov 12 2005 - 01:33:58 EST

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