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From: Brett Zamir <>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 12:50:27 +0800

Also, using your Javascript console, I've gotten a very basic Javascript
going to set up semantic items for each anchor on a page. Is "related to" an
actual official ontology recorded somewhere or would I need to make it my

And, along the lines of my suggestion earlier about allowing meta data to be
displayed alongside tabular information, how about simply creating a table
out of the existing page and inserting the "tag" field (or "comments" field
if that gets implemented) as a column with cells placed next to the text
between each anchor. So, for example, if there were an anchor "paragraph4",
any tags (or comments) added for it (and for any other paragraphs) could be
shown alongside that paragraph while viewing the actual document.

While the sophisticated ontologies and the Google maps display you have at
your site are very nice applications and all, I would think that this
ability for the user to organize and view data generically would be of
greatest interest and potential for a large number of people. Perhaps only a
little more complicated would be the idea I mentioned earlier about added a
table column (or row, cell, etc.) to existing tables to host metadata
pertaining to a particular table, column, row, or cell, also while viewing
the original document.

Thanks very much,

On 10/28/05 10:18 PM, "David Karger" <> wrote:

> "related to"
> (works for the web, why not semweb)
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> Brett Zamir wrote:
>>> And lastly (for now at least), has anyone developed a scraper to
>>> allow one
>>> to make tags associated with particular anchors (e.g., allowing a tag
>>> to be
>>> assigned to anchor "page35")?
>> It would be nice to have a general XHTML->RDF scraper but it would be
>> very hard because the semantics are implicit, therefore you would have
>> subjects and objects but nothing to say about them.
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