Re: infoURI standard officially blessed

From: Leo Sauermann <>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 12:06:57 +0100

Just have to note this here, as it is my job:
you guys are talking about URI CRISIS.

Es begab sich aber zu der Zeit 18.11.2005 00:36, da Tansley, Robert
> Think of a musical composition, like Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Ideally we
> need an authoritative, non-ambiguous name so we can talk about the
> composition 'Vivaldi's Four Seasons' -- not a particular performance,
> not a printed musical score, but the work. It makes perfect sense for
> one organisation to take stewardship of that authoritative *name*, but
> not to have the final say on what the services available for the work
> are.
good idea, but who is going to create these uris, who is the authority?
is microsoft the organisation you talk about? will it gain power through
being an authority?
Can i use the uris also for secret stuff, from my private life?
every centralised corpus is always politically uncorrect at some point
or for some people.

http URIs that can be generated by everyone scale very good.
but even with those, it is not clear what a URI identifies.

> I'm not necessarily saying that info: or other URIs are 'the answer',
> I'm sure they have problems too; I'm just saying that while there may be
> many valid arguments that could be leveled against info: and other
> schemes, I don't think "you can just use HTTP URIs" is one.
the problem is: we are discussing technical nitpicks, while the real
problem is philosophical.
I have seen all these URN, TAG-URI, info, etc idea come up every two
months for the last 2 years now,
always the same arguments, never a solution.

Or? did someone make a technical standard to disambiguate the four
meanings of a URI?

if you don'T know that a URI has four meaning, you better read that:


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