Scripting in PiggyBank

From: Chung Le <>
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 23:52:41 -0800

I have been using PiggyBank, and successfully created several screen
scrapers with it.
The combination of the PiggyBank RDF store, the user interface, XPath
and screen scraper wrapers provides a very powerful way to extract data
in RDF format from arbitrary web pages. I found it extremely useful and
a sound solution to my information needs. Thanks for making this state
of the art tool available!
I now would like to find a way to automate the process of going to
different web sites to collect info. Each web page requires a user id
and password. It also requires certain pattern of navigation to get to
the right web page, where a screeen scraper has been provided for
PiggyBank to collect the needed info. I would very much appreciate some
advice as to how to automate the process either in PiggyBank, or outside
of it using some conventional methods.
Many thanks for your help.

Happy PiggyBanking ...
-- Chung Le
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