Re: some piggyback bugs...

From: David Huynh <>
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 13:41:59 -0500

Gunnar Grimnes wrote:

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>Hey, piggy-back looks great, but i've found small, but annoying bugs:
>1. With multiple tabs open the title of the window does no longer update
>when changing between tabs. I've tested this by disabling the piggyback
>extension and things go back to normal.
I have noticed that myself... I'm guessing our code swallows some events...

>2. and somehow related, again when using tabs, the find is sometimes
>broken, I'm not 100% certain, but it seems to only seach the page with
>the title currently showing...
>Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?
Yes, I think it's the same problem. Would you mind logging a bug in our
issue tracking system? (BTW, Firefox 1.5 seems to have fixed this.)

>Another problem is that opening new pages is slower than before, and CPU
>usage goes to 100% for a bit, but I assume this is piggyback parsing
>pages, so i'll live with it.
We actually don't parse a new page that much--we just get all the <link>
tags in the <head>. That shouldn't take too long. This CPU consumption
is probably caused by something else.

>(i'm running firefox 1.0.7, on linux, with java 1.4.2_08)
Do you have any plan to upgrade to 1.5? We actually haven't heard much
from Linux users so it's great that you're reporting these problems. Thanks!

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