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From: Brett Zamir <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 00:46:19 +0800


Although this may be only tangentially related to your efforts, I wanted
to share with you a proof-of-concept local-PHP/bookmarklet combination
(PHP because I haven't learned or tried the ins and outs of the XPCOM
File IO yet) which related to the idea for being able to take (and of
course remember) tabular notes alongside already-existing web tables
(though I also want to create a similar bookmarklet to create iframes
with editing windows alongside page anchors or, for commenting on the
whole URL (PiggyBank or the "Scrapbook" extension do allow this, but
only in a small screen space), to simply create a regular frame
alongside a webpage's content which can have an editing interface for
note-taking (I have since discovered the <editor> XUL tag and think that
might be a good already-existing, more sophisticated interface to use
for this purpose, though my bookmarklet presently simply uses a
textbox). I know that this is not well-written code or a plausible
design (how many people can one expect to download and enable PHP on
their local machine to use this imperfect script), but I think with many
databases outputting tabular data (the XUL <tree> element would be cool
to do this for too, especially if someone will implement this great
element for file browsing, for wiki-like collaborative
outlines/databases, etc.), having a means of not only adding data
pertaining to particular rows (such as PiggyBank would allow), but also
viewing the original content in its original format along with the
stored data (or data being edited) would be ideal. See if you may be interested to check it out.
(See "Success - Part III" for the screenshots which show how the
bookmarklet/script works--as this was intended mostly for my personal
reference, I didn't mean the title to sound so haughty, just a relief I
could get it to work!) Again, a big disclaimer, as I don't really know
what I am doing here, just trying to fumble/hack my way into getting at
least a proof-of-concept visibly out there...

A silly side question...I made a screenscraper for Piggybank using your
PiggyBank tool, and though I see a link to it in my browser when I go to
the PiggyBank items, I cannot find the script anymore! Could someone
tell me where to find it?

Not sure if this article would be of interest to anyone but it mentions
the semantic web and another top university together :)

best wishes,
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