RE: Piggy bank ports

From: Prokopp, Christian <>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 13:06:43 +0800

Hi Stefano,

I did try it (using browser settings as well as manually setting up the
proxies). I also de-installed all Java versions and installed only the
1.5 Update 6 to prevent configuring one version while the browser might
use another one. Still all these did not succeed.


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Prokopp, Christian wrote:
> Hi David,
> You are spot on. I did some testing and managed to run piggy bank
> I redirected/hardcoded url to a local copy (file) or on my local
> As far as I can understand it my proxy settings are the problem. I
> copied the getCode() method and can get it working as a Java
> forcing the proxy settings with System.getProperties().put(). If I do
> the same in the piggybank code it does not work and it still ends with
> the same exception. Any ideas?

Have you tried changing the proxy settings in your java plugin?

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