Re: java callbackks

From: Andrew Harrison <>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 16:28:01 +0000

Thanks both. I've been looking at the java extension of the mozilla
tree (Javaconnect). In theory one can invoke an xpcom component from
Java using this (via JNI). So my java class would invoke the
component, and other components would implement nsIObserver to
receive messages. But at the moment Firefox crashes (actually the
hotspot dynamic library crashes) when it comes to the invocation. Not
sure why at the moment. It might go on the back burner for a bit. I
can probably push the notification functionality I need back into the
Java side.



On 22 Dec 2005, at 00:06, David Huynh wrote:

> Sorry, Andrew, I don't have any suggestion better than that,
> either. :-(
> David
> Andrew Harrison wrote:
>> Hi Matthias,
>> I know, but I *really* want to avoid that.
>> cheers,
>> Andrew
>> On 21 Dec 2005, at 10:04, Matthias Berth wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> if everything else fails, you can still run a tiny http server on
>>> the java side and have javascript poll that for incoming
>>> messages :-). Just my $0.02
>>> Matthias
>>> Andrew Harrison schrieb:
>>>> David,
>>>> Thanks for your prompt response!
>>>> My extension aims at making Firefox a peer in a P2P sense. So I
>>>> need to get arbitrary messages received by the back-end Java
>>>> peer into Firefox. This will be queries for resources/uris
>>>> (I've mentioned this before - PiggyBank data) received from the
>>>> P2P network, but a simple chat window is my current proof-of-
>>>> concept. So I don't know when the messages will arrive. I'm
>>>> just wondering if I can cobble something together with JNI but
>>>> that's going to be messy because currently I get Java using
>>>> your sly technique from JS, but JNI needs to go (in my
>>>> experience) via the Java plug-in. Not quite sure how these
>>>> different access methods to the JVM would affect things...hmmm
>>>> cheers,
>>>> Andrew
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