Re: [QUESTION] Solvent - Using a custom ontology

From: Daniel S. Haischt <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 15:22:06 +0100

Hello David,

thanx for you quick reply.

David Huynh wrote:
> In any case, no, you do not have to import ontologies into Piggy Bank
> (even though you can do that just by browsing Firefox+Piggy Bank to
> those ontologies and "collect" them). As for Solvent, there is no
> feature to import ontologies. Your scraper script can just use the
> ontologies you need (by adding RDF statements having URIs specified by
> those ontologies).

In this latter case, where I want the scraper script to use an existing
OWL ontology, do I have to write the scraper by hand as shown at...


... ?

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