New scraper and piggy bank failure with 64 or more scraped items.

From: Steve Dunham <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 12:07:07 -0800

I posted a new scraper for restaurant searches to simile's
semantic bank. The dc:comment contains the urls for the generic search
page, and the page with the top 100 restaurants. (I also posted the "top
100" restaurants themselves to the bank.)

It'd be nice to have a consensus on ontology for restaurants. (And I
wouldn't mind working out a recipe ontology with people.)

I'm scraping some floating point numeric values as strings, is there a way
to make these numeric in a piggy bank scraper?

With this scraper I'm hitting a bug with my local piggy bank. It's only
happening on one machine, so I don't know if the bank is in a weird state,
or if it's because I'm using a nightly build. (It doesn't occur on another
machine with an older piggy bank.)

If I scrape a result set with more that 63 items in it, piggy bank starts
behaving oddly. e.g. if I load:

everything is fine, but if I load:

I get a box with "$object.getLabel()" at the top of the results list, and
can't save or export the data.

I'd appreciate if someone could let me know if they can reproduce it or
not. (I seem to be able to reproduce this with a nightly build, I don't
think it occurs with 2.1.1.)

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