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From: Rickard Öberg <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:34:43 +0100

Rickard berg wrote:
>> do you feel the need for inferencing and truth management?

Actually, thinking about this some more, inferencing might actually be a
very big thing for us (that is, if it means what I think it means). It
is VERY common for us to have a parent/child relationship between
objects and then have properties for a parent that is propagated to
child objects. Metadata and permissions are two key examples of that. If
a parent has a metadata value set I do not want to set it on all
children. Instead a child should get that metadata because its parent
has it. Same thing with permissions.

Do you know if I can declare such rules with Sesame? Preferably I want
to make queries to Sesame that can then be answered either by the native
store or by using inferencing rules. But how costly would it be to allow
queries to be answered by inferencing? Things like that would be very
valuable to know. But if it works, wow, that is a BIGGIE in terms of


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