Piggy Bank and US patent US2005165789

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Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 19:25:49 +0000

Are you aware of US patent US2005165789 "Client-centric information
extraction system for an information network"?

On a brief scan through, it seems it may cover the work you're doing
with Piggy Bank.

I'm sure you're more familar than I am with the excellent work of people
at USC and Fetch Technologies, Inc. (fetch.com) on e.g. the "STALKER"
algorithm for "wrapper induction". If I didn't regard the whole
software patent system as a net loss, I might regard the STALKER patent
of Muslea, Minton and Knoblock (6,606,625) as reasonable (that patent
does not cover Piggy Bank or Solvent, I assume...). This one, from
Minton and Pelz (US2005165789), although of a far higher standard than
many, still seems to me to be just another on the incredible pile of
chaff that is software patents :-( No doubt the same people have a
bunch of other patents in the field.

Seems both patents are US-only. In particular, I notice the "STALKER"
patent was filed after publication at an ACM conference, so I assume
non-US patents for that are not on the cards. I didn't check for
publication of the claims in US2005165789.

I wonder how you people at MIT see it (this patent, and the patent issue
in general as it relates to your work and others' in the same field)?
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