[status] weekly report

From: David Huynh <dfhuynh_at_csail.mit.edu>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:32:16 -0500

Last 2 weeks:
- For UIST 2006 paper prototype
   - Implemented field assignment (which no longer gets trapped in rich
text blobs and assigns too many fields)
   - Generated scraper from template (which only scrapes one page).
   - Supported more effective item selection using /.. trick.
   - Added date parsing and parsing of numbers with comma separators.
   - Fixed Longwell2 to recognize decimal numbers.
   - Inserted "smart tags" into scraped items' field slots.
   - Factored out auto scraper.
   - Made auto scraper grab subsequent pages and also learn from some
subsequent pages.
   - Made auto scraper grab innerHTML from scraped items, store them,
and subs them back.
   - Changed highlighting mechanism to using translucent DIVs.
   - Changed page links in Explore pane to resemble web site page link
   - Faded away web page except for scraped items.
   - Linked up "smart tags" to Explore pane, clicking results in new
facets inserted into the pane, hovering highlights corresponding facets
   - Started to implement range-based facets using trees
- Tried to fix the GRDDL bug in Piggy Bank

This week:
- UIST 2006 paper prototype
   - Support range-based facets
   - Support dual-highlighting for selection of items
   - Support user's selection of paging links... not sure what to do
with it yet
   - Persist auto scraper and reapply automatically when applicable

   - Start design user study
   - Start writing paper

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