[status] weekly report

From: Ryan Lee <ryanlee_at_w3.org>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 13:51:51 -0500

Past two weeks:

  - Much bugfixing (label lenses, unapplied lenses, content set parsing,
format parsing) and minor extended feature implementation
(stylesheetLink) in Fresnel.

  - Valuable information regarding implementation of Fresnel found by
exercising more esoteric parts of its specification using Longwell2. I
had to hack around a bit within the Fresnel sheets themselves to make
things work, whether due to bugs, incomplete implementation, or better
potential implementation.

  - Based on ideas from Stefano, made the perceived loading time of
Longwell2 quicker by turning the facet components into AJAX calls. Also
changed the appearance of each facet section to match an open/closed
paradigm and to display only the top ten matches by frequency, or not at
all if no values are available.

  - Wrote up some Fresnel sheets for DSpace and OCW data.

This week:

  - Write up Fresnel sheet for Barton data

  - Report on some implementation experiences to fresnel-dev

  - Small touches to improve Longwell2 faceting, including a progress
bar for facet loading

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