Re: [Bulk] Re: Longwell, Semantic Bank, Fresnel

From: Zak Mc Kracken <>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 11:12:08 +0000

Ryan Lee wrote:
>> but I feel a bit like on raft in the middle of the ocean...
> By all means, ask away.

Thank you very much Ryan!

> Editing is on our to do list.

Good news!

> I'm not clear on your direction in regards to being less dependent on
> class type. What would you rely on? I'll confess immediately that I
> haven't looked at your ontology. If not having that reliance is going
> to be essential to your application, Longwell itself may not be the best
> engine for your needs. It's directed at the more general level of RDF
> graph browsing, not necessarily at specific application domains. I
> don't know how easy it would be to adapt.

Well, maybe I haven't explained well. Mainly the problem is in the
visualizazion model. Longwell or Semantic Bank seem to have a fixed
layout: a list of classes, a box with a list of properties and a search
box. In some cases I need something different, even if the paradigm is
still "Class instance (individual) --> properties --> values". For
instance in some case I could need to present a chart that is computable
from the current individual and its properties. In this case I would
remove boxes like the search box. I cannot understand well if Longwell
or SemBank are flexible enough to let me do such things.

> If it's not a problem, Semantic Bank may be a good place for you to
> start. SemBank has add/delete capabilities built in already. It seems
> to fit much of what you're looking for, as long as you're willing to
> make the changes you need yourself. Velocity templates and the code are
> there for you to make adjustments.

Thanks, I'll check it well, when I tried some days ago It seem that
SemBank allows the user to add an URI and not much else. But probably I
should investigate more...

> Fresnel is actually a separate implementation geared towards use in a
> Sesame based application. There's an API (be careful, the javadoc is
> not at all up to date) and a command line version to demonstrate usage.

Good to know. Thanks.

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