How to call translator using HTTP GET

Important: Please consider this a complimentary web service. Do not overload it with your requests. Thank you.

The URL syntax for getting Babel to translate is as follows ...

reader-id can be one of

  • rdf-xml
  • n3
  • tsv
  • xls
  • bibtex
  • exhibit-json
  • exhibit-html

writer-id can be one of

  • rdf-xml
  • n3
  • rss1.0
  • exhibit-json
  • exhibit-jsonp
  • bibtex-exhibit-json
  • bibtex-exhibit-jsonp

Not all combinations of reader-id and writer-id work

output-mime-type can be anything you want. It is entirely optional.

You can have as many url parameters as you want.

The JSONP exporters generate


You can change callback to your own function name by adding another URL parameter called out-callback or just callback.